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homage ups complete board circuit diagram

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homage ups complete board circuit diagram

in this diagram, you can read the homage-ups complete board circuit diagram with all stages dc booster, inverter, and charging section in one diagram that helps you to understand the whole working of ups/inverter.

how to repair homage ups complete board?

this is the main PCB of the ups we can trace faults stage-wise in it. the first stage of ups is starting from battery terminals and goes to the dc booster section. here we discuss the whole ups fault tracing method if your ups are powered ON and have a fault indication and have no output the load then 1st stage to trace is the dc booster check all mosfets of numbered irf3205/1407 and check if your dc capacitor of 400volt at the output of dc booster having charged then your fault in inverter section otherwise your fault in dc booster stage. I uploaded many video tutorials on homage ups repairing at every stage and many types of faults on youtube you can visit my channel to learn ups repairing. You can join my WhatsApp group for help with inverter repairing.

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download the HOMAGE UPS circuit diagram, complete the board



HOMAGE UPS complete board circuit diagram

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