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ptcl smart tv box firmware download 2023

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ptcl smart tv box firmware download free

ptcl smart tv box firmware download free

ptcl smart tv box firmware is a launcher application.after installing you can able to install youtube and Redbox, live net tv apps In your box. It provides a customizable interface for Android TV, making it easier for users to access their favorite applications for entertainment. Keep in mind that this firmware is for only a b760hs3 button device if you have any other model then this software will not work.

how to work?

Atv Lancher is not a permanent flashing software. it just helps you to use your Android box and install youtube, and other tv channel applications.

ptcl smart tv box firmware features:

  1. safe to use can’t damage or flash your device.
  2. easily installable on every Android box.
  3. Atv launcher can be easily removed from the device by restoring it to the factory.
  4. light memory app is not a burden for your box.
  5. customize-able functions.
  6. easy interface and menu for every user.

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ptcl box firmware


this is an apk file that can be easily installed on every Android box up to the 4.4.4 version.

how to download it?

you can download atv launcher app from the link free of cost and install it into any android tv box.

 firmware works only with the b760hs3 box


download ptcl smart tv box firmware

download software

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Shahid Ahmed September 10, 2023 - 10:07 am

Is Firmware for ZTE BXV10 B760HS3 firmware works ptcl ZTE BXV10 B760D Device also.
the download link does not work properly


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