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apc runtime calibration course free with constants

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apc runtime calibration course

apc runtime calibration course free with constants


APC battery calibration course is the process of adjusting the ups to the default constant values of the battery. This is an important process to communicate with the UPS by serial cable interface.

course content:

  1. APC ups calibration software
  2. how to make APC serial cable
  3. perform battery calibration
  4. battery constants for every model of APC

uses and benefits:

  • you can calibrate your APC ups.
  • after replacing the batteries you will not need to call a technician.
  • cost saving for battery calibration charges.
  • battery replacement date can be updated with this software.
  • the number of battery packs can be changed.
  •  battery constants list provided for every apc ups model.


I am sharing the whole data from my practical experience but I will not be responsible for any damages in your ups during careful when you give commands to ups and also operate with delay.

how to download:

you can download the calibration software tera term from and also download the whole list of battery constants for every model no of ups. You can also download apc ups circuit diagrams, and Homage ups circuit diagrams, free Android applications from my website.


click here to watch complete calibration course videos on youtube 


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fahad September 16, 2023 - 6:39 pm

salam sir
muje jan na hai hyper terminal se snmp card ki ip kese set karenge commands b btaden


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